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Hi folks, if you are planning to purchase a gauge wire for your subwoofers, you have landed at the right place. Usually, there are four types of gauge wires, including 12-gauge, 14-gauge, 16-gauge, and 18-gauge. 12 gauge is thickest of all, and it is most suitable for covering vast distances between the speakers and sound creating devices like PC or TV. When the gap between the speakers and woofers is not much, you can also choose 16 or 18 gauge wire. However, if you don’t want to compromise on the quality of sound, I suggest you opt for 12 gauge wire.

It is suggested that you use 12 gauge cable if your amplifier is of higher power like 100 watts or 600 watts. However, if the speaker is of lesser power like 40 or 50 watts, than 14 or 16 gauge wire will also be sufficient.

1) MaxBrite 12 Gauge subwoofer wire (50/100/200 feet)

MaxBrite 12 gauge 1000 feet speaker wire

MaxBrite 12 gauge wire is declared Amazon Choice due to excellent feedback from customers who have purchased this wire. You can use it to connect your sound creating devices like computers or speakers to the amplifier or subwoofer. It is available in all three standard lengths, including 50, 100, and 200 feet. The speaker wire is covered with high quality PVC jacket which is very much long lasting as compared to rubber jackets. Other than that the PVC jacket is less prone to fire hazards and more suggested for home safety. The PVC covering also ensures the flow of audio signals without distortion. The wire has 65 Strands of copper wire, which makes sure Clarity and Distorted Signals to all sounds systems. The cable uses oxygen-free copper (OFC), which is compatible with bare wire connectors, banana plugs, spade tips, or bent pin connectors. The wire is also UL safety certified, which makes sure that all the products surely meet the International safety standards. The cord is sequentially marked every two feet that are very handy and helps you distinguish the polarity of cables during installation.

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2) GearIT 100 feet 12 gauge white speaker wire

GearIT 100 feet 12 gauge subwoofer wire
GearIT 100 feet 12 gauge subwoofer wire

GearIT 12 gauge cable also has 99 percent 5-star reviews at Amazon. It is ideal for use with home theater speakers and car speakers because it gives high performance due to multi twist design. It is copper clad aluminum speaker wire, so it is relatively cheaper than pure copper wires without compromising on quality standards. Other than that, CCA speaker wire is lighter and more flexible than copper wire. It is compatible with screw-type, spade type, and pin type banana plugs. Flexible and insulated PVC jacket around the wire makes it easy to route through Car panels. So if you are looking for durable car audio speaker wire, GearIT makes a perfect choice. Not only for your car, but it is an ideal home theater speaker wire as a low memory jacket makes it easy to route close to wall moldings. Sequential foot markings printed on the jacket provide a perfect and worry-free setup. This GearIT speaker wire comes wrapped around a hard plastic spool that makes dispensing, measuring, cutting, and storing conveniently easy. The cord is also available in 500 feet packing and with banana plugs as well. Above all, the subwoofer cable comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, in case you feel any problem occurs in the cable. If you own a home Sony home theater and you are thinking about which gauge wire I should use, then you should stop worrying and buy it confidently as Sony and Samsung both brands home theater’s fully support the 12 gauge wire. According to our comparisons and research conducted, this is one of the best Amazon speaker wires with proper shielding and insulation done.

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3) 12 Gauge direct burial sub woofer wire with box

NEXT 12 Gauge direct burial sub woofer wire with box
NEXT 12 Gauge direct burial sub woofer wire with box

If you came across the scenario that you need to bury the speaker cables underground, this wire is the best option. It is purely made up of Oxygen-free copper, which results in less signal loss and is more durable than conductors made of copper clad aluminum (CCA). All the material is manufactured with the highest grade materials in the industry. The wire is highly recommended for in-wall use because it has CL3 (class 3) rating, which means that it is fire resistant and suitable for use inside the walls of residential buildings. The wire is encased in a nice box with patented winding technology, and it has been packaged on a tangle-free, easy pull reel/spool, so you don’t have to waste time aligning the wires. Foot markers improve efficiency, and you can easily track how much cable is left on the reel. All the NEXT cables are tested with cable analyzers, and they meet the ANSI/TIA 568.2-D standards.

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4) NavePoint 500ft in wall audio speaker cable wire

Navepoint 500ft in wall audio speaker cable wire
NavePoint 500ft in wall audio speaker cable wire

When you are looking for speaker cable as long as 500 feet, than NavePoint is the best available option, however, you can cut as much wire as you need. It comes in a box so you can conveniently pull out as much cable you need. It is made up of copper Clad Aluminum (CCA), which is cheaper than pure copper wires. NavePoint is the perfect solution for wiring your home, car, or office stereo system. The wire is manufactured in the United States, and it surely meets all USA standards. NavePoint gives a satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you are not happy with the purchase, you always return without any questions asked. NavePoint is also declared AmazonChoice because of excellent consumer reviews at Amazon. The cable also has polarity stripe so that you can identify which end plugs in where.

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