Best amplifier brands in 2020

​In this Video I have tried to present to my blog reader famous amplifier brands. Not only does I have given brief history of the company but also showcased one hot selling amplifier of the brand which has got most positive user reviews. This whole exercise took us at least 10 hours of research and product analysis. Recently i wrote a post about best tube based preamplifiers available under the budget of 500$ and here goes the list of overall best amplifier brands.

​ 1) Reisong​

Reisong amplifier

Reisong amplifier

​Reisong is one of the hottest Chinese brand having specially known for making quality audio amplifiers. Reisong company was established in 1970 and after that this company is split into two units. One unit specializes in making tube based amplifiers and the second unit specializes in making Bluetooth based sub woofers. Reisong amplifiers and preamplifiers are Available on Amazon but they are mostly delivered in 3 to 4 weeks as these are imported from China. However due to high quality of Reisong products many sound technicians prefer their products.

​2) DaytonAudio​

DaytonAudio has been a leading supplier of loudspeakers, amplifiers and speaker building accessories for over two decades. Dayton Audio goods are manufactured in North America, Europe, and Asia. Dayton Audio delivers the engaging sound, unbeatable quality, and dedicated service you'd expect from a high-priced brand but without the premium price. All amplifiers of DaytonAudio are warranted free from defects in material and workmanship for 5 years from date of purchase. Their Facebook page is and the YouTube channel is

dayton audio

​3) Sabaj amplifiers

Sabaj is multinational company that originated from Wenzhou city of China. It is a young and creative company of high-quality audio products. Since 2016, Sabaj has developed a famous brand which gains awareness in many countries. The tagline used by Sabaj is "For happiness, of listening". Their official twitter id is @Sabaj_official and link of Facebook page is

Sabaj amplifier

Sabaj amplifier

​4) Cambridge​

​CambirdheAudio was started in 1969 ​by a group of talented, young technology graduates of Cambridge University and they established a high technology R&D and prototyping business in Cambridge, England. The initial product was P40 audio amplifier. In 2013 they started making A​ERO, AEROMAX speakers and wireless speakers. Their Facebook page is Twitter id is ​CambridgeAudio and Linkedin profile is

5)​Vincent Audio

​Vincent is a Germany based Electronics firm which specializes in Audio Equipment. ​It started in 1995 as a trade mark by Sintron Vertriebs GmbH in Iffezheim/Germany.VINCENT ​is known for ​great quality achievement in 2-channel stereo in the high end class and tube based audio amplifiers. You can also contact them through their Facebook page at Vincent offers an impressive selection of headphones for both professional and personal use​Vincent is one of the best in the business when it comes to sound quality, making it a popular choice among audiophiles who want nothing but the best for their ears. 

​Vincent Audio Amplifier

​Vincent Audio Amplifier

6) Shenzhen shuangmusanlin electronics Co., LTD( S.M.S.L ​)

​S.M.S.L is another Chinese based Electronics firm founded in 2009 in Shenzen, China. One of their sister organization is VMV Technology which is established in 2013 in Hong Kong. This company specializes in audio DAC, stereo headphone amplifier and power amplifiers. S.M.S.L has established a comprehensive sales​ ​network in 33 cities​. They established a strategic partnership with Japan, Britain, Germany, Portugal, Singapore and other countries. Their products are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide and are highly ​liked by customers due to good customer support. Their Facebook page is

SMSL audio amplifier

SMSL audio amplifier

7) Rockville

Rockville is a United States based form known for its quality audio products including car audio equipment, sub woofers, speakers, marine audio equipment, home theater and portable audio equipment. Their official page can be accessed at Rockville has been continuously setting trends in the audio industry. Right up to the present, their innovative inspiration, curiosity and passion have made their products and services immensely successful. Wherever people care passionately about recording, transmitting or playing sound, Rockville will be there. ​Rockville also offers a nice range of stylish headphones. But what really sets it apart from most of the competition is being consistent with the product quality.

RockVille amplifier with Bluetooth

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