Best controller for PTZ camera in 2021

When you use a single camera, then there would be no issue for you to manage it. However, when you need a lot of cameras to handle simultaneously, it is indeed not a piece of cake. Camera controllers have been introduced to manage multiple cameras in different geographical areas and local area networks. This article will tell you about the best controllers for PTZ cameras and we have made this list after evaluating thousands of reviews on Amazon.

I would like to thank my review team who read thousands of reviews at Amazon and finally physically tested each of the chosen PTZ controllers. Now here goes our list.

LEFTEK PTZ Controller with LCD screen display

LEFTEK PTZ keyboard CCTV keyboard camera controller is a brand that is used in different vehicles. This brand helps in those situations when there is a need for tight control for the PTZ, motorized, outdoor wiper shield and high-speed dome CCTV camera.

The unique thing about this brand is that the input and output port communication has an anti-radar design. That surely boosts the performance of the camera and can go to a distance of 3937ft.

This beautiful camera controller weighs 0.5 KG, and you can put it in maximum temperature between 20 to 70 °C. The joystick is 4D and has different controls, down up, right, left, zoom, control up, and confirm. The reviews regarding this brand are no less than encouraging. People who opt to buy CCTV camera controllers find them pretty useful and helpful.

If you are going on an excursion or a hilly area you can control the camera above your car or van and create wonderful looking videos that cover all the surroundings in 360 degrees.


There are many plus points about the LEFTEK PTZ brand.

  • The camera’s unit built is pretty solid and performs brilliantly.
  • The camera controller is durable for a long time.
  • The compact size is so efficient with a full-size joystick and keyboard.
  • You will find no communication issue by using it.


The cons are not a lot of but still are there.

  • This model of CCTV camera controller has not USB Port.
  • If you could not be able to look after it properly, it can be screwed very fast.

PTZ controller network camera keyboard with PTZ Joystick

The preferences do vary depending upon the modern Era. Everyone looks for obtaining a brand that suits him hugely. When there is a need of a touch screen camera controller, Touch Screen PTZ is one brand that fulfills all customers desires.

With a friendly and simple UI design, this camera controller provides precise control. The touch screen is of large capacity, which allows you to enjoy a larger picture. The thing which matters a lot when we look for a camera is decoding. Fortunately, PTZ Controller has unbelievable decoding capacity.

The camera controller has been built with some extraordinary features which indeed attract many customers. One of the greatest feature is that it can control all Android systems very efficiently. So if you are planning any event at local church or school in professional friend this controller will be your best friend.


  • PTZ Controller camera can cover a vast area such as parking lots and farms lots. It’s the ability to tilt, pan, and zooms provide him with the luxury to cover more distance than traditional cameras.
  • You can control this camera manually with ease.
  • You can add 1024 devices to this camera because it supports all.


  • The major disadvantage of this camera controller is that it cannot cover areas that are not in sight. For example, if you move a camera to a particular place and something happens in another place, this camera cannot take short that event.

Yuanyang PTZ Camera Controller with 4D Joystick Controller

If there is a need for multiple cameras in school or shopping mall, it will require something to hold control of all those cameras. For this purpose, PTZ Camera Controller with display plays a significant role. It is designed to hold multiple network cameras in one particular LAN.

This camera controller communicates by using the Onvif protocol, which makes this controller compatible. You can add 254 cameras to this controller with ease. With having a joystick of 4D pan-Tilt, the controller can hold the camera with precision. The best thing about this controller is that it uses an industrial LCD to show great cameras that it is controlling.

Although very compact but our review team simultaneously controlled 10 PTZ cameras at the same time and that is why we included it in our list.


  • This PTZ camera controller Support and controls all types of IP PTZ Cameras, and you can add any device even when you are offline.
  • You can set the camera controller so that all the cameras would be in a rotatable shape. It helps to a view of all the places around you.


  • Our review team has not noticed any drawbacks.

CCTV Keyboard Controller for PTZ Speed dome camera control

CCTV joystick camera control is the best device you will ever find due to unreal performance capacity at an affordable price. This camera controller eliminates the chances of jamming and provides efficient long-distance transmission.

One hundred twenty-eight units can be controlled by this controller with, each unit able to set 255 addresses. If you want to reduce camera performance speed, you can do it with authority with the CCTV joystick camera controller’s help.

You can enjoy this brand with not a lot of price but at extremely affordable prices. There is an effortless procedure to set up the cameras around the control.

Our review team found this controller ideal for covering marriage events, speeches or any ceremonies where you need to focus on the face of speaker. The reason being is that this controller makes it very convenient to focus and zoom instantly on an object or a face.


Joystick’s keyboard Controller has many advantages for someone who looks for a controller at an affordable and reasonable price. Some of them are the following.

  • The big plus point of this camera controller is that you can find all the functionalities at a low cost to find the expensive Controller.
  • It is not hard to set the right to life-limiting positions and scan between both the conditions.


  • You cannot connect this to the IP address camera because it supports just analog cameras.
  • The connector can be missing from this camera controller.

JideTech Store IP PTZ Camera Controller

When someone opts to buy a Camera controller, he always wants to work it smoothly and efficiently. PTZ Camera Controller seems to provide all the things which a man desires. You do not require any setting and make any play plug when you get this camera controller.

IP addresses can be assign and add automatically from the keyboard. This brand supports the output of HDMI for getting access to control equipment and console screens. The installation of everything doesn’t cost too much.

The keyboard present in this controller is three dimensional, which is easy to process and use. It is not easy to find a camera controller at a reasonable price with so many features. It is highly recommended that you have a look at the PTZ Camera Controller. 


  • It is easy to set up and use as compared to other traditional camera controllers.
  • The setting is pretty easy to follow with automatic facilities of changing the positions.
  • This brand of camera controller is available at a reasonable price.


  • You can add multiple cameras, but they do not work at the same time.


Me and my team has tried our level best to select best selling controllers for PTZ cameras after physically examining all the controllers and reading thousands of reviews at Amazon. Feel free to write to me in comments if you like the efforts.

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