Comprehensive guide for buying best fiber optic transceivers

​A fiber optic transceiver includes both the fiber optic transmitter and receiver in a single component. The fiber optic transmitter converts an electronic signal into light signal and send this light signal in to the fiber optic core. On the other hand the receiver component accepts the light signal and convert it into electrical signal. Both the modules work independent of each other and the component work in both directions simultaneously.

​StarTech Fiber optic transceiver

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​This was one of the best fiber optic transceiver according to tests conducted by our team.  It has 2 years warranty and the quality of equipment is extraordinary. It convert between RJ-45​ copper and fiber optical connection. It is compatible with 10, 100 and 100 Base-T Ethernet networks. You can use it standalone or wall mount i but the wall mount racks are not included with the purchase. Another drawback is that this transceiver ​cannot convert 10 GB fiber back. ​Another drawback is that you cannot transmit the video stream from the ​4k camera or ip camera directly. Reason is that it can only connect to the Ethernet based network.

​10GTek Dual SC fiber ​Media Converter

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​10Gtek Gigabit ​media converter is one of the top selling items at Amazon due to its supreme quality. The drawbacks include that it does not support working on 220 volts. Another drawback is that you may yourself have to purchase a surge protector to protect from lightning or power surges. The transceiver doesn't include connector cables so you have to separately order Single Mode Dual SC to SC fiber cable. Also the transceiver doesn't support POE or power over Ethernet, you must attach a power cable to power source. If you also need SFP SX transceiver free with this media converter you can check this ​one.

​TPLink Ethernet Media Converter

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​This device converts convert fiber to Ethernet and Ethernet to fiber (both directions).
TPLink ​converter performed exceptionally well in all the tests conducted by our test team. However the drawbacks include that it only works on 110 volts so yo may have to add a power adapter. Also this converter does not work with any other types of cables like cat6 or cat 7 only the Gigabit network. You also need to buy SFP transeiver with this device as it doesn't comes builtin. Finally it doesnot have POE option so you must need a power supply.

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