A comprehensive Guide for Buying Patch Cables in 2020

​Hi folks today i decided to make a list of best available patch cables for fiber optic cables and Ethernet networks. These cables are in common use by network technician and their importance is evident from the fact that a fault patch cable can result in hours of loss of time in network testing. 

​What is a Patch Cable?

​A patch cable is an electrical or fiber optic cable that is used to connect two devices for the sake of signal passing.

​Types of Patch Cables

​There are many types of patch cables a few of popular ones are as following

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    ​RJ45 Male to Male Patch Cable
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    ​RJ45 Male to Female Patch Cable
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    ​Guitar Patch Cable
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    ​Long Ethernet Patch Cables
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    Fiber Optic Patch Cables (LC to LC and LC to SC)
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    Single Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cables
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    MPO/MTP Patch cables

​1) Best Selling RJ45 Male to Male Patch Cables

​RJ45 Male to Male patch cable is a very commonly required patch cable which is used to connect to components or devices that have RJ45 jacks. Most common applications are for connecting peripherals like printers, finger print scanners etc with a RJ45 jacks to Ethernet or local area network (LAN). Here is the list of Amazon best selling patch cables with most positive user reviews.

2) Best Selling RJ45 Male to Female Patch Cable

RJ45 male to female patch cable is mostly use to extend the length of Ethernet cables so they are also called cable extenders. I have shortlisted the best selling male to female  patch cables at Amazon with most positive reviews.

​3) Amazon Best Selling Guitar and Piano patch cables

These type of cables are mostly required in sound recording studios and it connects guitar with pedalboard  or pedalboard  with amp that amplifies the signals produced by guitar or other musical instruments. Similarly the guitar patch cable does the same it amplifies the sound of piano through the amplifier.

4) Very long patch cables [100 feet to 250 feet]

Sometimes we need very long patch cables to connect our printers or other Ethernet based devices to Ethernet port. In this feature i have presented to my blog readers some very lengthy patch cables up to the length of 100 feet and more. We have also included best selling rj45 flat patch cables with long length as they are of keen interest to network admins.

5) Fiber optic Patch cables [LC to LC and LC to SC]

Fiber optic patch cables are widely used for connecting fiber optic test equipment with transmission source.  Another wide use of these cables is for connections to fiber based cable television and fiber to home connections. Here is list of best fiber optic patch cables with extreme quality and they come with dust caps at tips. These include LC to LC Duplex patch cable and LC to SC multi mode fiber patch cables which are mostly used in fiber optic network, fiber optics patch panels, adapters and fiber optic transceivers. For my blog reader i have mentioned only those patch cables that are strong and with low insertion losses.

6) MPO (Multi-Fiber Push On)/MTP Patch cables

​MPO-MPO and MTP patch cables are basically used in data centers for connecting with routers and other network devices like transceivers links. We have also shortlisted a MPO/MTP fanout patch cable that is specially made for QSFP and Transceivers links.

​7) ​Single Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cable

​As we all know that single mode fiber optic patch cables are most preferred when we have to transfer data to larger distances. You will need these sort of patch cables for connecting your media converters to fiber optic source. You can also get single mode fiber optic cable in very long lengths up to 50 m or 164 feet and i have mentioned one such variant in best seller list given below.


​Which ever type of patch cable you are looking for i have tried to shortlist and present to you the best of the patch cables that meet UL, cUL, IEC & RoHS standards. Please comment below if you benefited from my recommendations.

Hi, my name is John Abraham, i am working as a network technician for last 20 years. This is my personal blog and i love to share every thing about networking and network test equipment.

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Abraham John (Senior Network Technician)
By Abraham John (Senior Network Technician)

Hi, my name is John Abraham, i am working as a network technician for last 20 years. This is my personal blog and i love to share every thing about networking and network test equipment.

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