Best pipe threading machine with dies in 2021

A pipe threading device is used to thread, reuse, and cut various sizes of Electric, Water, and Gas Pipes. In the past manual machines were in use as there were no automatic concept machines.

Manual devices were complicated to use. That’s why the automatic electrical pipe threading machines were introduced to ease the process of threading pipe.

Pipe threading machines come with three dies- one for each size of Electric, Water, and Gas Pipes. The die is placed on the pipe, and the machine is turned on. The die cuts the pipe to the required size and threads it. The process is simple and easy to follow.

As a network technician, I am always interested in using and exploring different hardware and machines. Recently I decided to surprise my wife with a new sprinkler system for our garden. In that process, I used the pipe threading machine for the first time. During the purchase, I have gone through tons of user reviews. I decided to write a review post about my blog’s best pipe threading machines. I hope you like the post, and do comment below. I rest assured that my review team and I have selected the best available options that give the most value for the money you spend.

Let’s talk about the best pipe threading machines with dies. The top 5 list of these automatic electric pipe threading machines are below.

Benefits of Pipe threading machine

1. Saves time

2. Easy to use

3. No need for skilled labor

4. Reusable

5. Lightweight and portable

Risk Assessment of Pipe threading machine

The risks of using a pipe threading machine include high initial investment, the need for proper maintenance, and the need to follow safety instructions strictly.

1. High initial investment

2. Requires proper maintenance

3. Needs to follow the safety instructions strictly

What are pipe threading machine dies?

Pipe threading machine dies are the sets of three knives used to cut and thread the pipes. Each die is designed for a specific size of pipe. The most common sizes are 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″.

Should I buy a used one?

As a technician, I never suggest anyone to buy a used pipe threading machine.

If you’re considering purchasing a used pipe threading machine, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind to ensure you’re getting a good quality machine. Here are four things to look for when purchasing a used pipe threading machine:

  1. Check the Machine’s Condition
    Of course, you’ll want to ensure the machine is in good condition before buying it. Inspect it for any signs of wear and tear, and test it out to see if it’s still working properly.
  2. Get the Right Size
    Pipe threading machines come in different sizes, so you’ll need to ensure you get the right one.

My evaluated Pipe threading machines

I would suggest the machines I love the most based on my experience. I have used and evaluated these, so I recommend them to my blog users.

1) Toledo Pipe 300 15682 threading machine

Toledo threading machine seems to provide its users with the quality they would have desired. It is a pipe threading machine with an alternative model 300.

No matter how rigid the pipe you throw at, this machine will give you the best response and ensure your desire is fulfilled.

This machine is winning customers’ hearts beyond imagination by providing quick tear-down and excellent mobility.


  • Toledo Pipe Threading machine has an accessory kit, quick collapsing stand, 418 oiler bucket, and heavy foot pedal. The above features give this machine the luxury to tackle even high-quality critical threading.
  • It has a speed of 38 RPM, Chuck.
  • The motor of enormous quality, universally reversible motor, makes it durable and efficient.


  • Toledo Pipe threading machines are durable for a very long if you look after them carefully.
  • You can do the maintenance of this machine without any difficulty.
  • These machines are easy to process because you don’t need much effort. You need to start the device, tell whatever you want, and allow the engine to do the rest.


  • This Pipe threading machine is a bit expensive.

2) Steel dragon tools with threading die heads

People who look for a pipe threading machine always want to acquire one which meets their needs without putting a heavy load on their pockets. Steel Dragon pipe threading machine seems to serve its purpose because it is available at affordable prices.

Surprisingly despite the low cost, the quality is still paramount and tremendous. This machine is ideal for Gas lines, Conduit, and hanging pipe threading.


  • The steel pipe threading machine has 600 Pro Pipe Threader Power. It increases its integrity and performance.
  • A universal reversible motor of 115V tells you about this machine’s power.
  • A sober forged gear housing increases the motor’s life and relaxes the engine after every stress time.
  • For durability, fiberglass-reinforced plastic is put into the body.
  • The machine has a speed of 34 RPM.


  • This threading machine carries a big plus point because it can thread electric pipes with accuracy and efficiency.
  • It is available at reasonable prices.
  • It is effortless to process and use


  • This machine’s major downside is that it can’t bear 115v and 11amps, which means you cannot continuously use it for more than 5 hours.

3) Pipe threading tool (handheld ratchet machine)

It is not easy for a pipe threading machine to remain durable for an extended period. The hard work that the user put into the engine is enormous; so many times, the device would be screwed.

Meanwhile, there is an exception for the Handled Ratchet pipe threading machine’s case. It will remain compatible and durable for a fair amount of time.


  • Portable Handled threading machine has a first-class die head, thread straightforward, long life, and can quickly replace and get the die head’s place.
  • It is suitable for mining enterprises, industries, family maintenance, and institutions.
  • The durability is worth admiring with convenient carrying and simple operation.
  • You can apply it to the threading work of iron and galvanized pipes.


  • A Portable Handled machine can remain durable for a very long. The presence of high-quality materials makes this a notch higher than other devices. If you do proper maintenance, it can last for over 20 years.


  • A ratchet Pipe threading machine can be a bit expensive.

4) Steel Dragon tools portable handheld pipe threading machine

Steel Drag handheld pipe threading machine has a good track record when there is talk of high quality and critical threading. If you use quality thread oil, then it can serve you for years.

It removes all kinds of chips and makes the dies pretty clean. Those who used this machine found it more than satisfactory and reliable.


  • The established threading machine has 110V 50Hz RPM.
  • It includes replacement brushes and supports Arms with a compact threader, allowing him to operate efficiently.
  • A durable carrying case in this threading machine ensures the machine’s longevity doesn’t hurt.
  • Dies and die heads of machine include 1/2″, 1″, 3/4″, 1 1/4″ separate Release/ Forward switch.


  • Drag Handled machine is more versatile than other threading devices. It can do grooving, beveling, and cutting with significant effect without having so much of time.
  • It is not too costly if we see the features this machine provides.


  • You can put die heads only in one direction in this threader.
  • The load speed motor is missing from this threading machine.

5) Steel Dragon Tools Pro Pipe threading with cart fits RIDGID Die head and dies

Look how many pipe threading machines have you found who are not just compatible but have a quick die head?

Indeed there are not many machines on this planet, but Steel Dragon tools with cart fit threading machines have all those ingredients. It is a properly equipped machine fully prepared to the thread, ream pipe, and cut more than 2 inches in diameter.


  • An automatic oiling process produces high-quality threads.
  • It works with dies and compatible RIDGID machines.
  • The machine includes a cutter, reamer, fold-able cart, foot pedal, dies, and die head.
  • The induction motor with reverse and the forward press is present in this threading with 750W 27 RPM.
  • You can quickly move this machine around a shop, truck, factory, and job site. 


  • Steel Dragon Die Head and Dies machine is available at a reasonable price.
  • It can remain compatible and durable for very long if you take care properly.
  • This machine shows efficient performance without taking much time.


  • It is not easy to change the threading dies, and the process can be a bit tricky and tiring.   


My review team and I have shortlisted the most selling threading machines and dyes with the best reviews on Amazon. If you liked this post, do comment below.

Also, let us know which one you will buy and why.

We would love to hear from you!

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