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Here, we will discuss the best of the best powered speakers under 200 that you can find on the market. We have combed through the Amazon and other online store to find the best reviewed products we could find. Each model has its own upsides and downsides and some specialize in some aspects while others specialize in others.

If you’re unsure of what to choose, any of the Edifier models won’t do you wrong. They are all rounders in the truest sense of the word.

But if you’re looking for something specific, like an outdoor sound system or gaming sound solution, please read on, we have something for everybody. Here is a quick list of what we have in store for you.

1) Edifier R1850DB

best powered speaker under 200

The Edifier brand is one of the premium brands in this category. Quality is assured. When looking for the best powered speakers under 200 this is the best that you can get in terms of indoor speakers out in the market right now.

While we also have the Edifier R980T and the Edifier 1280T in this list, if your budget is $200 and you are looking for the best powered speakers you can buy for that price than look no further. No additional amplifiers to bring out its potentials, no sub woofers sold separately, this is an all inclusive package for all of you audio needs. 

It has Digital and Analog inputs as well as the option for Bluetooth connection with lossless connection. The Bluetooth connection supports up to Bluetooth 4.0 for the best connectivity. 

Treble control as well as bass control is included on the back panel. Even minute adjustments can totally change the sound quality so be sure to try and experiment with the different levels.

They also include a wireless remote with many options so you don’t have to get up and get behind the speakers to do basic volume control.

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2) Rockville SPG84

best powered speaker under 200

The Rockville SPG84 are stand mounter speakers that come with some of the best value for money deals so far. Since these speakers are not wall mounted but rather come with their own stand it doesn’t take any assembly at all to have them up and running. No drilling holes in the ceiling just to have good quality sound. 

True they are a bit unweildy, but since they are meant to be used in a large gathering anyway to having something noticeable is not a downside at all. Their trapezoidal shape makes it easy to adjust the speakers themselves on the mount so you can have them aligned horizontally or vertically.

Another thing to take note of with these speakers is that they come in pairs. So the price you are paying ($147.95) is not for one speaker but for two. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the two for one value in this deal.

On top of that they also come with all the bells and whistles you need to get them up and running. The mount, the cables and the stand are all included in the packaging. No extra purchases at all.

The stand itself is of premium quality and made of steel for long term durability. Even the height is adjustable in a certain range.

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3) Edifier R1700BT

best powered speaker under 200

Authentic brown wood finishes are a personal preference and nothing nails that great aesthetic better than the R1700BT. These are some of the most high quality finishing touches you are likely to see on a powered speakers. And if you are looking for the best powered speaker under 200 with some of the best looking features, than the R1700BT has you covered.

They are some of the loudest speakers on the market. The bass accuracy is simply incredible. Sound accuracy, the most important feature in any speaker in my opinion is off the charts. 

Now, we’re not saying that they are the absolute best out there, but for the given price, you’d be hard pressed to find comparable speakers in the market. 

They come with an easy to setup Bluetooth connection. They have volume controls on the side panel where you can also mess with the treble and bass levels by increments of 6dB. The come setup out of the box so you might want to try them out first before changing the bass levels. 

They also come with a remote for basic volume control changes. They have two AUX inputs in the back and you can connect to two devices at the same time without any issue.

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4) Polk Audio Atrium 4

best powered speaker under 200

If you’re willing to spend a bit more on your outdoor speaker system then at merely $99 you can get yourself some of the best quality outdoor speakers in the business. Typically, outdoor speakers can get pretty pricey if you look for the most famous brand out there. But the Polk Audio Atrium 4 delivers some of the best sound quality with accurate and rich notes in the business. 

Don’t be fooled by their relatively low price, nothing is sacrificed in terms of performance. They are meant to be used outdoors, on a patio or a deck or for a house party. They fill up a room quite nicely.

Additionally, they are very easy to mount of the walls. The engineering behind the mounting system is top notch. Allowing the user to snugly fit the speakers in the wall mount intuitively. 

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5) Edifier R1280T

If you’re a bit particular about what furniture you put in your house, adding anything new to your room feels like a chore. Now, speakers aren’t a furniture choice per se but when they come in hulking form factors that take 30% of your desk space they can completely change the look of a room. 

I’m a fan of earthy tones myself when it comes to furniture, and the Edifier R1280T fit right in with that aesthetic. Its classic wood finish on the sides can change the tone of your entire room in a heartbeat. That is not to say that they are any slouch in the performance department. Thousands of raving reviews on Amazon can testify to their consistent and rich sound quality that can hang with the best of them. 

At $99 they are a steal when considering the sound quality in the similar price range. Now, you might be tempted to spend a bit more on the R1700BT which is a good deal all around, but if you’re looking for a bit cheaper option with most of the same features, than the R1280T is a no brainer. 

Connection wise, you can connect two AUX inputs at the same time. Or a RCA to RCA input alongside an AUX input, depending on your system. They also come with a remote control that can allow you to change the volume without getting up to touch the speaker system itself.

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6) Edifier R980T

best powered speaker under 200

The Edifier R980T is the little brother of the R1280T. It comes at the sacrifice of the remote control feature and without the wood finish on the sides. But with comparable sound quality, it is one of the most cost efficient speakers out in the market right now. At barely $69, if you’re struggling for cash and are looking for a quick and easy solution for all your audio needs, the R980T is your go-to choice.

It comes with the same two RCA outputs that can cover almost everything you could throw at them. You could connect your speakers to two different outputs like a laptop and a desktop computer and switch between them without having to touch any wire or do anything finicky with the controls. Its all integrated, its all automated. 

These speakers also come with enhanced bass that can really surprise you with its effectiveness on delivering rich, clear sound. The included power supply supports 110V – 220V, it works in all countries

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7) Pyle PLMRBT65B

best powered speaker under 200

Now, you might not be looking for the newest addition to your home theater but rather something more portable. Perhaps something to install in your car so you can listen on your way home from work. Or better yet something to install in your future yacht that will surely come in handy when you go out in the open sea. 

The Pyle PLMRBT65B are not your ordinary speakers, they come with the IPS 4 water resistant rating. Which means that they are basically impervious to water damage unless you drop them in the ocean for extended periods of time. They are weather resistant, not just water resistant, meaning that heavy dust or hail cannot damage them without extended use in extreme conditions. They are made of rugged material that is built to last in harsh environments. 

Even if you’re not into railroading or going out into the sea, the cheap price (at just $65 with Bluetooth and $35 without) will surely tempt you into buying one of these bad boys.

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8) Dual Electronics LU43PB

best powered speaker under 200

The Dual Electronics LU43PB are designed to work in an outdoor as well as indoor environment. They are designed to fill up a room with noise. If you’re hosting a party or a public event, getting two of these will allow to your fill up the entire room with accurate acoustics of whatever is playing in the background.

You could use them as computer speakers but that would require a bit of technical knowledge and frankly there are better products out there that handle being attached to a computer much better. These models are better suited for filling up open spaces like pools, patios, garden parties with the sound of music. 

They are designed for ease of use. You can install them anywhere in your home as they can be mounted on swivel mounts or just placed on a bookshelf high up so they can fill up a room.

They are also weather resistant making them even more suitable for outdoor usage than other similar models.

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9) Logitech Z537

best powered speaker under 200

If you’re looking for the best powered speaker under 200 for your gaming system than Logitech should be a brand you are familiar with. When it comes to customizing PC accessories for gamers, Logitech is king. Whether it is gaming mice or keyboards or even audio systems, you can’t go wrong with Logitech. 

The Logitech Z537 provides some of the best audio experience for room filling sound when paired with a PC. They come with a front facing sub woofer that delivers rich accurate sound reproduction without missing a beat. It is Bluetooth connected now so no need for any annoying wire management, just plug and play!

It is can also be paired with any laptop or smartphone via Bluetooth so if can easily switch between devices without changing cables at all.

The box comes with two speakers, a sub woofer as well as a 3.5mm audio cable that can be connected to the device of your choice. It only needs 60W of power so any decent power supply will do or you can directly connect it to a wall socket to take the load off of your computer. 

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10) AmazonBasics Computer Speakers

best powered speaker under 200

If you’re really hurting for money, you can’t go wrong with the AmazonBasics Computer Speakers for Laptops or Desktop PCs. Now this product doesn’t have the best sound in the world out there. It isn’t going to blow you away with out of the world sound quality neither its bass range. But if you want affordable sound solution for home system that just works, without having to pay a premium, this a reliable, safe choice.

Getting the best of the latest tech may not be for everyone out there. Some of us just want something that works well that can last the test of time. And AmazonBasics products are one of those. 

It only uses 10W of power so even the power consumption is low compared to its competitors, if it wasn’t already cost effective enough for you. 

You can either get the AC powered model, that needs you to have a wall outlet handy, or a USB powered one that directly connects to your laptop or PC. You might want to get the AC powered model if you plan to get it for a laptop otherwise the USB powered will drain your laptop battery quickly. 

It has a 3.5mm jack at the front for when you want to connect a headphone to your speakers. As well as a simple volume low, volume high rotating control at the front for volume control.

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If you’re looking for the best powered speaker under 200, we hope that our list of products has helped you make a decision. Whether it the Rockville SPG84 or the Polk Audio Atrium 4 or even the Pyle PLMRBT65B, they are all great choices depending on what you are looking for.

For hands down best quality, the Edifier R1850DB should be your choice.

For best gaming performance, Logitech Z537 is the way to go. 

For the best outdoor experience, the Polk Audio Atrium 4 has you covered. 

And for best durability, the Pyle PLMRBT65B won’t do you wrong. 

We hope you found what you were looking for. 

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