Best touch screen cash register with scanner

Hi folks, in today’s post I have shortlisted the best touchscreen-based cash registers that come with all necessary equipment including a barcode scanner, label printer, credit card scanner, and cash drawer. It took me a lot of research as I went through tons of user reviews. I hope you will comment below if you like my effort.

Update 4 August 2021

After analyzing recent reviews we have moved the point of sale from USA POS to our top position.

Update 15 June 2021

As per reviews received we have chosen the NRS touch screen cash register as the top option in our list

Editor’s Choice : Touch screen cash registers with scanner

USA POS Cash Register

The reason our review team included USA POS at the top of our list is because they provide complete software and hardware support for over a year. Whenever your software gives any unexpected result and their team will sort it out via call or via visit. The machine is suitable for all retail software including the software for pharmacy and grocery store.

The best thing in the deal is large 1024×768 Resolution, 15” TFT LCD and capacitive screen which not only looks superb but the touch is very smooth.

the machine has sufficient RAM of 4 GB which runs Windows 10 quite smoothly. Although any POs software is not installed on the system by default. However you can install any open source POS software from here.

NRS touch screen cash register

NRS cash register is used all over the United States leading stores and the reason we chose t at the top of our list is because of the complete 1-year hardware warranty. The option to integrate credit cards is easily integrated within few minutes just by subscribing to merchant services. The company offers extensive hands-on training in both English and Spanish. The software that comes free with a cash touch screen has an extremely good user interface. The cash drawer is made up of rust-free sold metal which is quite durable. The screen is fully responsive to touch and totally compatible with the software.

Touchscreen PC Cash register Software with Barcode Scanner

The first touch screen cash register I have chosen for my blog readers has highly positive reviews at Amazon. It is 5 in 1 package consisting of 15-inch touch screen PC, thermal receipt printer (USB), barcode laser Scanner (USB), 16 inches Cash Drawer, mini Keyboard (USB), Credit Card Swipe Reader (USB), and Label Printer (USB). That is not the end; you will also get Cash register express pos software, which is customized to the retail industry. This software is trusted by over 70,000 merchants worldwide. It provides fast checkups and lookup items in seconds and integrates with QuickBooks Desktop for your small business needs.

The thing that really inspired our reviewers is that the customers at Amazon were extremely happy with the extreme level of customer support given to them. From installation to troubleshooting and understanding the software, the support team will cooperate with you. If you own a big store and you want to have multiple cash counters, then you can add another touch screen PC. However, the label printer can be easily shared among the touch screens.

Another notable device in the deal is the Verifone vx805 payment device with a USB cable. This credit card machine is widely used across all United States, and the Verifone vx805 manual can be download here.

Another edge you will get from this purchase is that you will receive both pos installation training and usage training as well. The software is self-explanatory and comprehend-able for an ordinary mind.

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Touch screen cash register +scanner + printer

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for the convenience store point of sale system? According to our review team, this is the most reliable and trustworthy solution for your store, restaurant, or shop with touch screen based Point of Sale, cash drawers, and receipt printer. So you have all the necessary tools in one place. These tools include 15 inches touch screen PC with Windows 10 installed, USB based thermal receipt printer, barcode laser scanner, a 16-inch cash drawer, and a USB based keyboard. The software for cash handling is already installed on the touch screen, and it is very stable and is already being used at almost 10,000 merchants worldwide. This software seamlessly tracks, report and analyze inventory, sales, returns, employees, and more.

With this purchase, you get one year warranty of all the hardware components mentioned above. Besides that, you will get free training for setting up the software and hardware components. The cash register drawer has five bill slots, one media slot, and six coin slots. Cash drawer lock prevents any theft attempts, and you can put your money under lock when the shop is closed.
The barcode scanner can scan all sorts of products in your store as it can read labels from all kinds of medicines, cans, and food beverages.

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Sharp XEA507 Cash Register with scanner

Sharp XEA507 cash register is a feature rich device which is also each to use and learn. Cash register tape is easily available and it is also dual in nature. This means that system will maintain separate copy of receipt for customer and for your record. No doubt this is best cash register with scanner and credit card as it has builtin direct credit card terminal link. This saves you from purchasing a separate credit card machine. Other than that you would be glad to know that you can also print your own brand or store logo on the receipt generated through this cash register. The cash register has builtin in card reader that enables you to backup your data and sales and also link to the computer. The builtin barcode scanner saves you more money and you can put stickers on your store products and start scanning them using the barcode scanner. Some key features of the Sharp cash register are as following

  • Scanner Included – For fast and accurate checkout.
  • Dual Roll Register Tape – Print individual copy for a customer and one for operator records.
  • 99 Pre-Programmed Departments – Easily separate product types.
  • 7000 Price Look-ups – For quick & accurate entry.
  • Directly Hardwire Credit Card Terminal – register automatically transfers transaction amount to credit terminal and opens drawer with card approval (terminal not included).
  • 5-Line Operator and Single-Line Customer Display – allows the operator and customer easy viewing.
  • Thermal Printing – For fast print speed and quiet operation.
  • PC Link Software (via SD Card) – For easy programming.
  • SD Card Slot – For easy data backup/transfer/cloning.
  • Quickbooks Pro – Link to the famous accounting software to integrate transactions (versions 2010-2013 supported)
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Casio PCR-T2500 Bluetooth Cash Register

Bluetooth cash register
Casio Bluetooth cash register

What makes this Casio Bluetooth cash register, stands out of of crowd is its ability to view all reports on both Android or Iphone device due to builtin Bluetooth feature. Not only you are allowed to view reports but you can add products or manage the inventory from a distance. The main dashboard on the connect ECR + app provides a quick snap shot of the day’s sales activity and provides the sale results in graphical format. Viewing detailed individual reports (financial, transaction, department, plug, cashier, groups and hourly) are also available to retailers to analyze the store’s performance. Cash Register data, program and sales can be backed up to an SD Card to provide a level of security to the retailer that their important information is backed up. You can very easily connect a credit card scanner with this Casio register. Casio pcr-t2500 manual and drivers are available for download from Casio website. The cash register also saves the daily Z-report in the SD card automatically to automate the tasks.

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