Best wall mount racks| A Staple To Organize Any Server Room!

Are you tired of looking for the best solutions to keep your switches, routers, and other equipment well-organized in a small space? If yes, then your search ends here! Wall mount server racks are the answer to your problems.

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We understand that sorting out the tangled wires is quite a tiresome task. At the same time, if you have too much equipment to fit in your small office, then there is a chance that the system heats up often.

Why wall mount server racks?

Wall mount racks provide an efficient way to organize and secure servers in a data center or IT room. By mounting servers on the wall, you can save floor space and make it easier to access equipment for maintenance or upgrades. Wall mount racks also help to improve airflow and cooling in the room, which can help prevent overheating and extend the life of your servers.

Wall mount racks also help to organize the wiring and cables that run between the servers and other devices in the data center or server room. This helps to keep the area neat and tidy, and it makes it easier to troubleshoot any issues with the wiring or cables.

Our list of best wall mount racks

Our review team spent several hours shortlisting these best wall mount racks. These racks usually come in 3 depths

But, don’t get stressed! Luckily, we have the best wall mount racks here for you with perforated side panels. They will keep everything nice and tidy up. Now without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Best PickTripp Lite Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet
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Staff PickWall Mount Rack Cabinet Enclosure
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NavePoint 12U Wall Mount Server Cabinet
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StarTech 8U Open Frame wall mount Rack
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ECHOGEAR Wall mountable open frame rack
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Tripp Lite Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet

Best Pick

Tripp Lite is the ideal enclosure cabinet to protect your telecommunication equipment in the largest data center or in the smallest home office. You can use this rack for versatile purposes like supplying power to your server, connect high-resolution video sources to display or organize any IT equipment.

With a hinged wall-mounting bracket and sturdy steel frame, this enclosure is considered a well-featured choice. Additionally, it has a maximum load capacity of 200 pounds and provides 12U rack space.

Its adjustable vertical mounting rails have square holes to support 19-inch rack equipment. It also features lockable side panels and doors to ensure generous airflow.Due to its lockable door, you can prevent any unauthorized person from accessing your network server.

Besides, the door can be opened in any direction as it is adaptable to any type of room space. This enclosure cabinet also offers top and bottom cable ports for organizing wires. On top of that, Tripp lite installation can be done quickly with optional casters.


  • Quality Design.
  • Easy equipment access.
  • PCI- complaint
  • Reversible front door.


  • Facile rail depth.

Wall Mount Rack Cabinet Enclosure

Staff Pick

6U wall-mount rack is the perfect solution for securing and organizing your equipment in retail locations, classrooms, or network closets.This rack is made from high-quality cold-rolled steel with numbered U positions.

Moreover,its vented and locking door allows you to operate the system safely. You can also quickly access the side panels as they are easy to open. The sides have holes to keep the equipment cool and secure. Plus, its removable top and bottom cable panels help to keep an organized workspace.

This cabinet enclosure has adjustable mounting rails that allow easy installation of rack equipment. Not to forget, you can adjust the mounting depth from 75-390 mm. Then the additional casters give you the best option to move your equipment under the desk or any other place where it suits perfectly.

Due to its manageable weight and size, you can tuck away this mounting rack on a shelf or closet near your system. Ultimately, that allows you to keep many things in one place without making them look messy.  


  • High-grade steel cabinet.
  • Adjustable Mounting rails.
  • Assembled vented door.
  • Removable cable panels.


  • Complex installation of wheels.
  • Minimal shipping packaging.

NavePoint 12U Wall Mount Server Cabinet

If you want to wire up an extensive network center or a private office, then the NavePoint wall mount server is the best solution for you. This durable and solid 12U network server has a maximum weight capacity of 130 pounds.

The sturdy welded frame structure of this rack supports all standard 19-inch equipment.It also offers a maximum depth of 600mm from the front to the back of this cabinet. The removable side panels allow an administrator to access the network server before and after installation.

In addition, they also feature a venting slot and dual built-in fans for maintaining the cooling of your equipment. Furthermore, its top and bottom rack has open brackets for easy access to wire or cable. Not only that, the lockable glass door protects your data accessories from any physical intrusion.

If you are concerned about the security, then there is nothing to worry about because the door and side panels can be locked. You can also keep your children away from any electrical equipment by getting a secured wall mount rack.

As it is lockable so all your devices are safe, and its an ideal cabinet for unsupervised spaces like bank ATM room. Due to lock on the cabinet it is good option where security guards are not available 24 hrs.


  • Sturdy frame structure.
  • Preferable for wiring closets.
  • Removable side panels.


  • Bulky in appearance.
  • Heavyweight.

StarTech 8U Open Frame wall mount Rack

This wall mount rack is ideal for network switches and help you gain more floor space. According to our review team, it is very sturdy and could hold as much weight as possible. The best part is that you can benefit from 10-23 pre-tapped mounting rails with 19 rack mount holes. Adjustable mounting depth feature in this rack, allows you to fit servers and switches of various sizes to fit easily. The packing includes every thing you need to install the rack. Open design and vented shelves makes it the most suitable option for servers that get heated up quickly. Due to 14 gauge cold steel it can be your heavy weight lifting champion.

ECHOGEAR Wall mountable open frame rack

Complete assembly of the rack hardly takes 10 minutes and it is equally good on ground as well as wall mounted. The 19 inch deep design ensures that most of the network equipment fit inside very easily. With maximum load bearing capacity and 5 years warranty what else a network guy dreams of. The company offers a return or refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Dept adjustment makes it suitable for variety of equipment.

As it is open frame rack so it is very easy for technicians to press configuration buttons and adjust cabling. Our review team consider it most suitable for mounting patch panels as it comes with all necessary screws and washers. Its a pure USA product made according to standards and it comes quite cheap as compared to its competitors.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, it’s time to keep the curious hands away from your equipment with our best wall mount server racks. Also, it has a lockable door and comes in moderate size. Therefore, you can easily set up the extensive infrastructure by installing these server racks.

If you ask for our opinion, then Tripp lite wall mount rack is the one that can meet all your requirements. It’s the ideal rack mount solution for the effective and efficient running of your equipment. Its best part is that it won’t burden your pocket as it comes at a very reasonable price.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and grab these worthy wall mount racks for your server room now!

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