Detailed comparison of handheld plastic welding kits with staples

Today’s modern-day construction industry requires welders to work in tight spaces. To get the job done, you need a reliable welding machine that won’t limit your work area. On top of that, you also need a machine that’s exceptionally light, compact, and easy to use.

That’s why more and more construction companies are turning to handheld welding machines. These machines are specifically designed for construction workers who need to weld at odd angles and in tight spaces.

In this article we will do a detailed comparison of six hand held plastic welding kits which are one of the top selling in United States.

What is a handheld plastic welding machine?

A handheld plastic welding machine uses different types of staples to join broken pieces of plastic.

Uses of a handheld plastic welding machine?

A handheld plastic welding machine can be used for a variety of purposes, such as repair of equipment made up of plastic. These equipment can include broken car bumpers, plastic toys, plastic furniture, dashboards and all other plastic house holds.

This device is although a small investment but saves you a lot of bucks of buying a new car bumper, plastic chair or a kayak. After the repair your plastic equipment will work as it worked earlier when not broken.

How does a plastic handheld welding gun work?

A handheld welding gun works on the concept of stapler. As the stapler joins multiples pages together. Similarly a metal staple is made hot and applied on broken piece of plastic which joins them permanently. Different types of staplers are shown in Figure below. These staple types are corner staples, outside corner staples, wave staples, flat staples and wave staples.

Types of staples
Types of staples

Comparison Table (HPEVA vs Allturn vs ATOLS vs BELEY vs OIMERRY vs MERWOF ) plastic welding machines

HPEVA plastic staple welderAllturn plastic welding machineATOLS Plastic Welding MachineBELEY plastic welding kitOIMERRY Plastic Welder KitMERWOF plastic repair stapler gun
Voltage110 volts110 volts110 volts110 volts110 volts110 volts
weight2.05 pounds2.03 lb1.92 pounds4.77 pounds8.63 pounds4.86 pounds
Power50 watt100 watt50 watt100 watt20 watt100 watt
Cable length50 inches60 inches60 inches59 inches30 inches30 inches
Number of staples200400200400800400
Price27 $57 $28 $56 $109$55 $

List of handheld plastic welding guns compared

Budget PickHPEVA plastic staple welder
Check Price
Allturn plastic welding machine
Check Price
Staff PickATOLS Plastic Welding Machine
Check Price
BELEY plastic welding kit
Check Price
Best PickOIMERRY Plastic Welder  Kit
Check Price
MERWOF plastic repair stapler gun
Check Price

Power usage comparison

Most of the handheld plastic repair and welding guns require a lot of power to generate appropriate heat. Most of the welding guns consume 100 watts of electricity. However the OIMERRY welding kit is the winner as it just consumes 20 watts of electricity. ATOLS welding machine is runner up as it consumes 50 watts of electricity.

According to our expert opinion if you are buying plastic welding repair gun for personal of home use you should buy either ATOLS or OIMERRY welding machine. However for extensive or professional use you should opt for Allturn, BELEY or MERWOF stapler guns.

Price Comparison

Most of the plastic welders we have chosen fall under the price range of 100 dollars. Some of them (ATOLS and BELEY ) are even below the price tag of 50 dollars. Only OIMERRY Plastic Welder Kit is priced few dollars above 100 dollars. And the reason is that it contains 800 staples of different types. The total weight of OIMERRY Plastic Welder Kit (8.63 pounds) is also highest as compared to rest of brands. Other than OIMERRY, you have another option to buy VOTOER plastic hot stapler welder, which is almost same as OIMERRY. VOTOER plastic hot stapler welder also consumes 20 watts of electricity, but it has got total of 600 staples in the package. You can get the deal under 80 dollars and in my point of view it is a very good deal.

Another feature that impacts the price is the power consumption as well. OIMERRY Plastic Welder Kit operates just as 20 watts while rest of brands operate at 100 watts. So this means that OIMERRY will cause a decrease in your electricity bill.

HPEVA plastic staple welder

Budget Pick

You get these things with the plastic welding machine. A plastic welding machine gun, 50 flat staples,50 outer corner staples, 50 inner corner staples, 50 wave staples , 1 plier, 1 utility knife, carrying case and 24H Attentive Service at your footsteps.

It is made to repair plastic parts of the car, boat, motor bike, laptop or even a chair. It is perfect for repairing bumper, dashboard, holder, plastic ring, lamp, handles, spoiler, radiator, headlight, plastic wings, car and motorcycle plastic device, etc. you do not need any sort of training. You will learn in seconds how to operate it. With the help of inner and outer staples, you can repair the plastic with ease. This machine is very helpful in repairing the plastic material of cars such as the bumper, dashboard.

Allturn plastic welding machine

It is easy to use. You do not need any sort of training. It comes with different types of nails to fulfill your need. Its rubber handle is easy to grip and is made so comfortable that you can hold it for a long time with ease. With the help of it, you can rebuild your broken parts. It helps in repairing the dashboard, lamp holder, plastic ring, radiator, plastic parts of car and motorcycle. It has a maximum power of 100W. Due to it you can complete your work fast.

Our review team tested this gun on various types of plastics including plastics made of TPO, TEO, and PP Materials. We also tested this welding gun to repair pipes and tubes and in all cases it served its purpose.

ATOLS Plastic Welding Machine

Staff Pick

It is a red colored plastic welder with 200 staples of different types. Our review team ordered it in March 2022 and received the package right the next day. we also called the seller and his response was awesome. Our review team used it to repair and test in equipment like car headlights, plastic wings, car and motorcycle plastic device and on all of these the results were great.

This gun is ideal for professional use due to its ergonomic design its suits usage for extended hours.

This is another gun which gave excellent results in repairing kayaks. One of our test team members was a kayak player and participates in competitions. His kayak broke as it hit a rock while practicing.

We used ATOLS welding gun and applied multiple staples and now it is fixed like a charm.

BELEY plastic welding kit

BELEY welding kit contains 400 staples of different types, 2 plastic welding rods, a plier and a knife. A mechanism that prevents over heating is part and parcel of the welding gun.

Our team tested it to repair various plastic equipment including chairs, cycles and a garbage can. In all of the cases the BELEY plastic welding gun performed excellently.

If you are forced to work in situations where there is dim light, then this welding gun should be your option as it has builtin in LED light.

Our test team ensured and checked that the staples are fixed in the plastic and makes the repair durable.

Our review team also tested this BELEY plastic welding kit to weld a broken radiator and we were amazed that it worked alike a charm.

OIMERRY Plastic Welder Kit

Best Pick

The best thing about this plastic welding kit is 1 year support from the manufacturer.

Although a bit expensive but it is unique in a way that has 8 different types of staples. A total of 800 staples are included in this kit.

The OIMERRY Plastic Welder is a 20W Hot Stapler that saves you time and improves the weld experience when using it to weld the cracked and damaged plastic parts. With adjustable heat levels, this welder can be used at low, medium or high heat settings to get the best result.

This welding kit has three heating levels namely low, medium and high. So if you are in a hurry you can choose high level.

A light indicates that the welder is in ON state, and that saves you from accidents.

MERWOF plastic repair stapler gun

Our review team tested this plastic repair gun in detailed for repairing of garbage bins and fenders. In both of the two scenarios its working was outclass. The cutter and Plier that comes within the box is also very good quality. The gun was delivered to our address within 4 days though courier in a totally safe packing and every thing was intact.

As the motor of this gun is 100 watt, so it heats up instantly. It can reach up to 500 ℃ in just 4 to 5 seconds. Our review team also tested for the strength of the plastic items that were joined using this gun. And found that they are as rigid and full of strength as they were before being broken.

The gun is very easy to use and won’t require any additional tools to repair broken plastic items.

The grip is totally non slip with a very comfortable handle so you can use it without feeling tired.


In this post we tried to compare HPEVA, Allturn, ATOLS,BELEY, OIMERRY, MERWOF, and VOTOER plastic welding machines in every aspect. How much we are successful, please let us know by commenting on this post. Finally, Thanks a lot for reading up-til here.

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