DELL Poweredge T40, T140 and T30 Which One is Better and Why?

Are you guys feeling difficulty in running advanced applications on your systems? If this is the case, then stick around us.

Don’t you think, there must be something extra in your computer for such kind of applications? Yeah, there should be. You’ll be glad to know that Dell PowerEdge can help you in this case. Let’s see how is this possible.


Dell has introduced the PowerEdge line which is mainly the Dell Server Computer Line. Dell PowerEdge aids you in taking your business to the next level.

Not only this but it also provides you the advanced security and brilliant automation. In the present era, this is the requirement of every second person.

This is able to manage your workloads in a nice manner. How’s that? Pretty good. It enables you to run all types of traditional and cloud applications.

One can get the services like cloud computing, virtualization, data storage, security of your data, and many more.


The PowerEdge server comes in three different models. Let’s discuss them one by one.


The PowerEdge T40 could be the best server if you want to grow your business. If we talk about the performance, then it is exceptional. It has the great turbo speed, data transfer speed, and CPU speed.

As it has enough space, so, you can store a lot of data in it. You can overcome all the challenges that people face due to the slow-speed systems.


Here comes another model of Dell PowerEdge which is known as T140. This one is quite exceptional. It comes with more cores in order to provide fantastic performance.

The memory speed is also great. It is incorporated with iDRAC9 Enterprise Server Lockdown mode, so, you will not see any unwanted changes.


Dell PowerEdge T30 is known for its appreciable organization. It overcomes all the complexities of applications that you use on the computer. It simplifies the data and provides great speed.

Along with this, you can store whatever you want. Dell PowerEdge T30 is the best innovation for your business.

These were the three models of Dell PowerEdge Server Line. All of the are just wow but not everyone is for us. People have different requirements that they can’t fulfill. In the end, we have to choose the one model.

Quick Review Table

Investing your few minutes in this section can save you from the big loss. Stay tuned with us.

Dimensions13.2 × 7.0 × 14.214.17 × 6.89 × 17.9 inches14.19 × 6.89 × 17.12 inches
Memory64 GB64 GB64 GB
ProcessorsIntel Xeon E2224 GIntel Xeon E2200, Intel Pentium, Intel Core i3, Intel Celeron makes 1 ProcessorIntel Pentium G4400 Intel Xeon Processor E3-1225 v5
ChipsetIntel C246 ChipsetIntel C246 ChipsetIntel C236
Hard drives346
Power Supply300 Watt With Bronze Auto Sensing Power Supply365W PSU290 Watt
Operating SystemMicrosoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows with Hyper VMicrosoft Windows

T40 vs T140 vs T30, Which One is Better & Why?

As mentioned earlier, all of these PowerEdges work greatly but in the end we’ve to buy only one. And the one which can fulfill all of our needs proves to be best for us. Is it true? Yeah, it is.

1.  Processor

Processor is the brain of computer which is responsible for its performance. Working on the computer becomes super easy when it contains the best processor.

Nothing matters if the processor is not good. Let’s have a check on processors of t40, t140, and t30.


It is incorporated with the Intel Xeon E-2224 G Processor. Due to this, it has the enhanced speed for transferring the data. One can send and receive heavy files with ease. In terms of business, sending and receiving the data is as important as breath.


This one is equipped with Intel Xeon E-22000 Processor which is best in it’s own way. It has more cores due to which it works exceptionally. The data transferring speed is 11% more than it’s previous models.


The process that T30 contains is Intel Pentium G4400 and Intel Xeon Processor E3-1225v5. It can manage the data of more than one desktop at a time. In this way, productivity is boosted to a very high extent.


Do you love the designs that are comfortable for you? If yes, then let’s help you in making the fair decision regarding the design of t40, t150, and t30.


The T40 has the most affordable design ever. Due to the smallest design, you can easily place wherever you want. Isn’t it fascinating? Yeah, it is.


It comes with the flexible tower. You can do some sort of changes if it is causing any difficulty. There is no need to do efforts while placing it.


If we talk about the design of T30, then it has the most compact design ever. It is not only small in size but durable as well.

3.  Storage

Computer is all about storing the important data and files. Isn’t it? Yeah, it is. Let’s have a glimpse on storage capacity of these three PowerEdges.


You can share and store enough data if you have T40 PowerEdge. The 12 TB storage allows you to store all of your important files.


T140 is the latest model but there is no drastic change in it’s storage capacity. It’s maximum storage capacity is 16 TB which is quite good for storing some heavy-duty files.


In terms of storage, it is not the best. Because it can give you up to 6 TB of space. If you guys have a lot of stuff to save, then t30 is awesome.

4.  Security

Do you know, what is the most hurtful feeling? Nothing but losing your important files and documents. Yeah, this happens in 2021 as well. Do you want to know which PowerEdge provides best security? If yes, then stay with me.


Due to the incorporation of advanced security option, you will never ever lose your important data. This is what every second person wants.


It comes with the cyber resilient architecture along with security embedded in it. So, it will keep your data safe and secure.


If in case, you lose your data, then you can easily restore it with the help of additional backup and restoring options.

End Notes

A lot of us are confused in between t40, t140, and t30. But we tried to solve your confusion by comparing all of them.

We will recommend you to buy t140 if you’ve enough bucks. Because it has all the features that are important. But if you don’t have, then no need to get worried.

T3 and T40 also have brilliant specs. Everything depends upon your requirements. Go for the one which is easy to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. In terms of security, which PowerEdge is best?

Ans. If you want exceptional security, then t140 can work good for you. This is due to the cyber resilient architecture.

Q. Is the worth buying the Dell PowerEdge?

Ans. In 2021, it worth a lot because of advanced cloud related applications.

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