Growatt vs PowMr vs Temank vs Ampinvt solar inverters

In this post we will perfrom a detailed comparison of 5000 watt off grid solar inverters from four renowned brands namely Growatt, PowMr, Temank and Ampinvt.

Solar power is a clean and green source of energy. When the sun shines, it heats water, which in turn produces electricity that can power a variety of machines. In many cases, homes, businesses, and other buildings use the excess heat from a sunny day to create electricity.

Different companies are making solar inverters like Fronius, Solar Edge,Huawei,SMA,Sungrow,,Fimer, Delta but from all those we will compare only these four brands at a minute level.

How much power Solar inverter I need

This is a very critical question and its answer depends on the number of electrical devices you use. First of all you need to know how much power is consumed by each device. For example the power consumed by some of popular devices is like that.

Coffee maker (1000W), Microwave (1000W), Toaster (1200W), Refrigerator (1200W), Computers (150W), TV (250W)

Now you can find the power consumed by different devices from here. After that you add all of them to find the total power of inverter you require. But make sure you add only those appliances in the list that are running all the time or most of the time.

Important for United States Customers

According to our team suggestion you should not buy European or International inverters in United States. If you are Unite States resident you should keep in mind that buying an inverter can be a bit tricky and you can easily lose almost 1000 dollars and you may end up wasting your time and money. Most of the inverters on sale are 240 volt like Growatt and PowMr but in United States these will not power your house unless you have a transformer. The transformer actually adds a neutral to the line. Growatt and Powmr and other such brands are quite successful in European countries.

Growatt has a specific version for United States called Growatt SPF 5000 US. If you are going to buy European version, you may require their product called AutoTransformer.

Where to buy from

As most of these inverters are mostly of Chinese origin, so I suggest that you should buy them from Amazon so you get at least 1 year warranty.

Comparison Table

Input voltageDC 48V (batteries) to 220V AC48 Volts, 220 Volts48 volts , 230 volts120/240 VAC Split Phase
Output voltage220 volts only110 volts120 Volts, 230 Volts120/240 volts
Charge controller100 Amp Mppt more is good80 Amp Mppt80 Amp Mppt0-35 Amp
Max.PV Power6000W5500W5000W
Max.PV Input Current18 A16 A16 A35 A
Fit for battery48 volts48 volts48 volts24 volts / 48 volts
Weight 26.4 pounds28.2 pounds25.7 pounds67.6 pounds
Size19.09 x 12.99 x 5.31 inches20 x 16 x 8 inches16.7 x 13 x 5 inches
26.38 x 11.42 x 7.32 inches
Price900 Dollar700 dollars630 dollars898 dollars
Battery charging modes4445
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Four 5000 watt inverters we compared

PowMr Solar Inverter Off Grid 5000W
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Growatt 5000W Solar Inverter
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Temank 5000W Solar Inverter
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Ampinvt 5000W Inverter
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Growatt vs rest of brands

What makes Growatt different from other brands (PowMr and Temank) is that they can join together to give more power. This means that if you purchased a 5000 watt inverter and you need 10,000 watts of power you just need to purchase another inverter of 5000 watt and they will work together to produce 10,000 watts of power.

Charging modes comparison

In Growatt, PowMr and Temank inverters there are 4 modes for charging the battery. However, in the AmpInvt inverter, there is one more option which is called generator mode. In this mode, the generator is connected to the AC input of the inverter, and the output is stabilized through AVR while the battery is recharged.

In all the three inverters there are four modes for battery charging given below

  1. Solar first: Solar energy provides power to the loads as first priority. If solar energy is not sufficient to power all connected loads, battery energy will supply power to the loads at the same time. Utility provides power loads only Solar energy is not available or the Battery voltage drops low-level warning voltage.
  2. Utility first (default): Utility will provide power to the loads as first priority, Solar and battery energy will provide power to the loads only when utility power is not available.
  3. SBU priority: Solar energy provides power to the loads as first priority, If solar energy is not sufficient, the battery will supply power to the loads at the same time. The utility provides power to the loads only when battery voltage drops to low-level warning voltage.
  4. SUB priority: Solar energy provides power to the loads as first priority, If solar energy is not sufficient solar and utility will power loads at the same time. The battery provides power to the loads only when solar energy is not sufficient and there is no utility.

Weight Comparison

AmpInvt inverter weights the most with 67 pounds weight. PowMr inverter is the runner-up with a weight of 28.2 pounds. The Growatt and Temank inverter are the lightest weight with a weight of 26.4 pounds.

Size comparison

The length of AmpInvt inverter is 26 inches which is more than PowMr, Growatt and Temank. The height of PowMr inverter is 8 inches which is more than Growatt and Temank so it is most suitable inverter if you are short of space.

The width (16 inches) of PowMr inverter is more as compared to Growatt and Temank.

Price comparison

Growatt is the most renowned brand with strict quality standards. They also provide online monitoring of how much units are produced by your growatt inverter. Due to these features the Growatt inverter is expensive as compared to AmpInvt, Temank and PowMr inverters.

AmpInvt is runner up and its price is second highest due to extra ordinary features like support of generator and split phase.

Battery support comparison

Growatt, PowMr and Temank inverters support batteries of 48 volts. ApmInvt is superior than the other three as it supports both 24 volt and 48 volt batteries.

Maximum PV Power and input current Comparison

Maximum PV Power of Growatt and AmpInvt inverter is maximum (6000 watt) as compared to other two inverters.

Max.PV Input Current of AmpInvt inverter (35 Amp) is maximum as compared to other three inverters i.e. Growatt, PowMr and Temank.

Where we can add a solar inverter

For homes and businesses that are built in areas with enough sunlight, solar power can be an affordable and environmentally friendly way to generate and consume energy. Inverters are solar power devices that convert the sun’s energy into direct-current electricity. They do this by converting the sun’s heat energy into direct current. Thus, inverters are solar power devices that convert the direct current produced by a solar power system into electric power, which is distributed to the electric grids.

Current produced by inverter

Solar inverters are energy conversion devices that convert direct sun power into alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). The main purpose of a solar inverter is to convert the current from the sun into the home’s electrical grid. Most homes don’t have a generator but rather rely on the electrical grid to supply their homes with electricity. Because of this, most solar inverter products are electric generator-oriented. However, there are a few exceptions such as the Inverter Solar Inverter. This product is a portable solar inverter that can be used anywhere there is an electrical power line. Read on to know more about the features of this product, its advantages over other inverters, its disadvantages, and our recommendations.

Off grid solar inverter

Off grid solar inverter is a small and simple device that converts the direct current (DC) output of a solar panel into alternating current (AC) suitable for use in homes and businesses. However they cannot send the current to the National grid but they are good enough for home use. Offgrid solar inverters are available in different sizes and operating voltages to suit a wide range of applications.

The electricity produced by off grid solar inverter is usually stored in Lithium deep cycle batteries.

The two most common types of offgrid solar inverter are the DC-DC and the DC-AC. They differ in their type of conversion. The DC-DC inverters simply substitute one form of direct current (DC) for another. The DC-AC inverters use an AC generator to produce the same voltage as the DC output of a solar panel. They differ from each other by the method used to convert the AC output to make sure it is suitable for use. For example, the AC-AC inverters make sure that the frequency of the converted output is the same as that of the AC wall socket.

PowMr Solar Inverter Off Grid 5000W

Our review team ordered the PowMr solar inverter in the start of April 2022 and we received our package delivered in Nebraska, United States just after one day. The delivery was free as we ordered from Amazon and also the packing was so awesome that it took me up to 5 minutes to completely unwrap the inverter.

It is a solar power inverter that is capable of converting DC power from any source, from as little as 1 to as much as 120 volts, into a more usable form of energy. The output voltage can be as low as 4.75 volts for use in portable devices and as much as 120 volts for use in a traditional home. It can also be used in combination with other inverter types to produce higher voltages. This is an inverter that can convert solar power directly into an electric current using a solar panel as an electrical source. To achieve this the inverter has an output of 48 volts. This means that it is capable of converting solar power directly into an electric current. The inverter is also capable of converting low voltage DC power into high voltage AC power.

Using PowMr inverter the battery can be charged in 4 ways: Only solar charge, utility priority, solar

priority and inverter priority to meet your different demands. In this inverter 3 production ways can be set: PV priority, utility priority, inverter priority to encounter your different needs. PowrMr inverter is capable of  pure sine wave of 110V. Inverter motor ability 3HP or 2.24 kilo watt, diversion breaker 63A.

Some salient features of this 5KW inverter features are:

This solar inverter takes a 48V battery put into work, (can’t work without a battery).

Lithium battery making active and effective by PV solar or mains, permitting access of lead-acid battery and lithium battery.

It has smart variable speed fans that efficiently disperse heat and increase system life.

It gives you a potential saving way available to lower down empty load loss.

It has a physical ON/OFF switch managing AC output.

Powmr inverter is planned with an LCD screen and 3 LED indicators for the modern display of system data and operating status.

It comes with modern MPPT technology which is known to improve charging efficiency by 30%.

Accessible in 4 charging ways: Only solar, Utility priority, PV priority, Utility, and Solar hybrid charging.

Two output ways: main diversion and inverter output; continuous power supply.

Full digital voltage and current double closed-loop control, modern SPWM technology, the output of pure sine wave.

The broad-based LCD provides user-configurable and easily accessible button functioning such as battery charging current, AC or solar charging antecedent, and appropriate input voltage based on a different application. Hybrid inverter with 80A manager provides multiple protection. Overload/ Over temperature/ short circuit protection with battery cold start task.

Growatt 5000W Solar Inverter

This is a multi-functional 230V and 5000 watt off grid inverter by Growatt. It is integrated with an MPPT solar charge controller. The ground and neutral materials that transmit heat or electricity of the SPF 5000 ES are NOT connected.

Our review team ordered this product from Amazon and from order to delivery it just took one working day. We also received a call from the company and their customer support was up to the mark. They explained each and every step of the installation on phone call as well. They also offered that they can send their support/ installation help personal to our work place.

While sitting at your workplace you can monitor how much units are produced by your Growatt inverter on your tablet, mobile, laptop or any PC having internet access. This is a very useful feature as it will let you know instantly when there is an error any where in system.

This solar inverter has three charging ways that are optional i.e. Solar first/ Solar and Utility/ Only Solar, and four production ways are available i.e. Solar First/ Utility First/ SBU priority/ SUB priority to meet dissimilar demands. 5000W all in one MPPT inverter capable of easy interaction to mains voltage or generator power, it assists WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring. You can observe the position of the PV system from the mobile phone or the website anytime anywhere. In a flexible manner plan the inverter charging and discharging time. Assist parallel functioning for efficiency enlargement up to 30 KW, max 6 units work at the same time to assist three-phase equipment.

Growatt 5000W Solar Inverter is an intelligent Solar inverter with an MPPT (Multi-Path Path-Tracing) controller. It is a highly efficient inverter with a built-in battery pack for backup power. It makes use of Pure Sine Wave technology to increase the output of a solar panel from a house to a larger structure like a house, barn, or even a small business. It makes use of the entire power spectrum from 0v to 100v with safety margin of ±5%. It comes with bio-fuels in 100% to reduce the carbon footprint of the electricity. It has an output of 5kW and can work with 48V. It has an output of 5,000W and can work with 220V. 

The new and improved Growatt 5000 is the world’s first and only 5,000 watt inverter with a pure sine wave output. It will not only save you money, but it will also save you time and worry. Instead of looking for the most expensive, highest efficiency inverter in the store, you can get the best value for your dollar with the Growatt 5000W. This inverter produces a pure sine wave, which means it will not only produce the most power, but it also produces it without any wasted electricity. The extra power means you will use less energy, and you will be producing more sine waves than you would with a conventional inverter. It is energy-efficient and has a small, compact design that won’t take up much space in your house. It is powerful enough to power a small or large house and you can add as much solar plates as per your requirement.

Temank 5000W Solar Inverter

TEMANK inverter has a smart changeable speed fan which disperse heat in an efficient manner and increase system life. It can be acquired for a  variety of household and office loads according to your need. The 230 volt solar inverter has four charging ways that are non-compulsory, i.e. PV priority, Utility priority, Hybrid charging, and only solar charging, and two production ways are available i.e. inverter and mains to connect different application demand. 

It has four different modes for charging that include: only solar energy, mains priority, solar energy priority, and mixed charge.


  • Adopt full digital voltage and current double closed-loop control and advanced SPWM technology to output pure sine wave.
  •  Two output modes, i.e. mains bypass and inverter output can achieve uninterrupted power supply function.
  • Four optional charge modes: only solar energy, mains priority, solar energy priority and mixed charge.
  • Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency up to 99.9%.
  • Wide MPPT voltage range.
  • There is no commercial power or battery, and the solar energy has independent loading function.
  • With function of activating lithium battery with solar energy and AC mains power, it supports connection of lead-acid battery and lithium battery
  • LCD screen design and 3 LED indicator lights dynamically display system data and operation states.
  • ON/OFF rocker switch can control AC output.
  • With power saving mode function, it can reduce no-load loss.
  • Intelligent adjustable speed fan is adopted for efficient heat dissipation and extended system life.
  • Possessing multiple protection functions and 360° comprehensive protection.
  • Possessing complete short circuit protection, over voltage and under-voltage protection, overload protection, back filling protection, etc.

Ampinvt 5000W Inverter

AMPINVT solar inverter is an ultra-automatic intelligent inverter. It generates a super stable pure sine wave output. It has built-in AGM Flooded Lithium battery, which was designed to supply power to the inverter even during strong demand.

Power your home or business with AMPINVT solar inverter. It has High transfer efficiency, super load capacity, and built-in AVR stabilizer. Its high load capacity makes it ideal for your solar inverter installation. With continuous stable pure sine wave output, you will be able to charge your batteries with no interruptions . It can be used in three modes (constant current mode, fixed charge mode, and variable charge mode) to suit different applications and lifestyles. AMPINVT also has an extra function to support your AM power inverter on UPS. With this feature, you can use the solar inverter with your portable battery charger device at the same time using bundled USB cable.

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