HP Envy 6455e vs HP Envy 6458e vs HP Officejet Pro 8028e Printers

Over time the trend of work from home is increasing day-by-day. Now we have many platforms that support this trend and help employers in office work.

However, the only thing that creates problems is the need for printers. As we all know, having a printer at home can solve many problems and without it completing the office work is utterly impossible.

So if you’re one of those people who’s searching for a good printer, then you can save your time by checking our comparison of the best HP printers.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Company

No one wants to pour money down the drain; that’s why we search for products of a good brand, and HP (Hewlett-Packard) company is one of them. You can trust the company and its printers without any worry. It is an American company recognized for manufacturing desktops, Notebooks, tablets, printers, etc.

Feature Comparison of HP Envy 6455e vs HP Envy 6458e vs HP Officejet Pro 8028e

1.   Connectivity Technology

The first most important thing that you should look at in the printers is the technology of connectivity to other devices. Because with wireless connectivity features you can print all your documents from anywhere in the home. The good thing is all of these printers, HP Envy 6455e, HP Envy 6458e, and HP Officejet Pro 8028e, support Wifi connectivity.

2.   Speed of Printing

Waiting beside the printing machine to print another document is a troublesome job. So we all need printers that can help in printing multiple papers in a few moments, and that’s where the HP Officejet Pro 8028e printer shines. With this printer, you can print ten colorful and twenty black and white pages in a minute. HP Envy 6455e and HP Envy 6458e have only 7PPM (paper per minute) printing speed.

3.   Control Method

You can control HP Envy 6455e and HP Envy 6458e, check the ink level, send free mobile fax,  print documents, and photos from mobile camera roll, save documents on the cloud after scanning with the help of the HP mobile app.

HP Officejet Pro 8028e offers some extra features along with the app. For example, it has a touch control panel and allows the user to voice-activate printing with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

4.   Ink & Price 

Ink is important while using inkjet printers; without it, no one can print their documents. The good thing is you’ll get free ink for a specific time with HP printers. All of these printers, HP Envy 6455e, HP Envy 6458e, and  HP Officejet Pro 8028e, offer free Instant Ink subscriptions for six months.

As for the price, HP ENVY 6458e is affordable, and you can purchase it at $127. At the same time, HP ENVY 6455e and HP Officejet Pro 8028e both have the same price about $159.

5. Media Sizes

Another difference between HP Envy 6455e and HP Envy 6458e is about media sizes. Both of these in metric units supports papers of A4; A5; B5; DL; C6; A6 paper sizes. However 8028e is better than the two as it supports many more media sizes including A4, A5, A6, B5(JIS), Card (A4, Hagaki, Ofuku Hagaki); Photo (13 x 18 cm, 10 x 15 cm); Envelope (A2, C5, C6, DL. Chou #3, Chou #4); 8.5 x 13 in.

So if you have to print envelopes or cards, your choice should be HP 8028e.

6. Input capacity

HP 8028e out classes both 6455e and 6458e as it supports up to 225 sheets and the rest of two only support100 sheets. So if you need a printer for bulk use where daily you have to print 100 or more sheets your choice should be 8028e however for home use 6455e and 6458e both server the purpose.

7. Mobile printing features

All of the above three mentioned printers support printing services including HP Smart app, Apple AirPrint™; Chrome OS and Mopria-certified.

However only HP 8028e supports Wi-Fi® Direct printing which enables you to directly send prints from your camera or mobile phone.

8. Maximum Copy feature

If you are running a photocopy shop then you are given job to take photocopies of single page numerous times. In this scenario HP 8028e beats the other two as it can send up to 99 copies of a single page in single turn. While 6455e and HP 6458e supports only up to 9 copies.

A Brief Overview & Specifications

Here’s a brief overview of HP Envy 6455e, HP Envy 6458e, and HP Officejet Pro 8028e features and specifications.

Features and SpecificationsHP Envy 6455eHP Envy 6458eHP Officejet Pro 8028e
Scanning FeatureAvailableAvailableAvailable
PPM (Paper Per Minute)7 PPM7 PPM20 PPM (for black and white printing) 10 PPM (for colorful printing)
Wireless ConnectivityWIFIWIFIWIFI
Control MethodHP Smart AppHP Smart AppHP Smart App and Voice-activated printing through Alexa and Google Assistant
Free Ink For Printer6-months6-months6-months
Price$159 $127$159
Maximum Copies9999

Our Verdict

As you can see above, the features of HP Envy 6455e, HP Envy 6458e, and HP Officejet Pro 8028e are pretty similar. The significant difference is the printing speed or PPM in which HP Officejet Pro 8028e unquestionably wins.

Moreover, HP Officejet Pro 8028e also supports Alexa and Google Assistant. So if you’re looking for the best among these three printers, go for HP Officejet Pro 8028e. Otherwise, HP Envy 6458e is also good with affordable price, but the printing capacity or PPM is only 7.

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