Guide to wire twisting tools for drilling

When planning to do something electrical, you must prepare yourself first. Safety is the foremost priority in these jobs. Good job knowledge helps you to keep your house up to date. When you have multiple or heavy-gauge wires to join, twisting on wire connectors by hand can be a real challenge, especially when doing the drilling. Several manufacturers have tools that make the job easier. Every household must have essential tools for day-to-day use. We have compiled a list of the five best wire twisting tools and wire strippers to help you find the best one.

Safety First

If you’re planning to do any electrical work, you must be prepared and know what you’re doing. Safety is always the top priority when working with electricity, so it’s crucial to have a good understanding of the job before you begin.

One way to help keep your home’s electrical system up-to-date is by using wire connectors to join multiple or heavy-gauge wires. This can be a difficult task to do by hand, especially if you’re also doing some drilling. Fortunately, several tools on the market can make the job much easier. Other important safety measures are as follows.

1. Always wear safety glasses or goggles when using wire strippers or wire twisting tools.

2. Be sure to keep your fingers away from the cutting blades of the wire stripper or the twisting jaws of the wire twisting tool.

3. Be careful not to remove too much insulation from the electric wire. Doing so could expose the electrical conductor, leading to an electrical shock.

4. Be careful not to twist the wires together too tightly. Doing so could damage the wires or make it difficult to untwist them later.

5. Never use a wire stripper or wire twisting tool on live electrical wires. Doing so could result in an electrical shock.

Why wire twisting tool

A wire twisting tool is a handheld device that helps you twist two or more wires together. It is a standard tool that is used by electricians and other professionals in the electrical industry.

Many types of wire twisting tools are available, but they all share the same primary function: to quickly and easily twist two or more wires together. Some benefits of using wire twisting and stripping tools while drilling are

There are many benefits of using a wire twisting tool, including:

1. They make it easier to twist two or more wires together.

2. They help you to achieve a tight, secure connection between the wires.

3. They help to prevent damage to the electric wires.

4. They help to reduce the risk of electrical shocks.

5. They help to improve the efficiency of your work.

Wire twister vs. stripper

A wire stripper removes the protective insulation from an electric wire. A wire twisting tool is used to twist two or more wires together.

Steps for wire stripping and twisting with drilling

1. First, you’ll need to identify the type of insulation on the electric wire. There are three common types of insulation: PVC, Teflon, and nylon.

2. Next, you’ll need to select the correct size of wire stripper/twister for the job. Wire strippers come in different sizes, so it’s essential to choose one that is appropriate for the diameter of the electric wire.

3. Once you have the correct size of wire stripper, you’ll need to determine the stripping length. This is the distance from the end of the electric wire to where you want the insulation to be removed.

4. Install the wire stripper on the drill, and finally, you’ll need to position the wire stripper on the electric wire and strip away the insulation.

5. Be sure to dispose of the insulation properly once it has been removed from the electric wire.

Famous brands

Now we will list some most famous brands that our review team evaluated and suggest to our blog readers.

Frienda wire twisting and stripping tool

Best Pick

Saving time is saving money. Every day, tools are being invented to make operations steady and easier. The biggest challenge while working with the wires and while drilling is twisting different cables at the same time. To increase productivity and prevent hurting fingers, frienda introduced a wire twisting and stripping tool. This striping and twisting tool works with electric drills, which can twist and wrap the wire simultaneously without any fatigue. It is made of durable metal, which can’t be easily broken and gives good performance under harsh conditions. This wire-twisting tool (with a complete range of functions) can be easily attached to a power drill.  It is a crucial tool to perfectly twist the connection, saving you from fire hazards.


– It can strip up to four poles at a time. It is time-saving and productive.

– It can twist the wires in about 1 second after you’ve stripped them and inserted them into this tool.

– It saves your hands from being sore at the end of the work.


– It may be difficult for the person who doesn’t have proper or basic knowledge of electricity, wiring, drilling, and stripping.

Neepanda Wire Twisting Tool with stripper and twister

Staff Pick

The prime challenge of the current century is time-saving and precision. Every new day brings new challenges and complexities, and technological advancement is making things easier and sturdy.

People dealing in electricity and wiring work require new tools for precision and productivity. Neepanda wire twisting and stripping tool is an excellent innovation in the electric industry. It can quickly connect and twist wire cables, increasing productivity and preventing minor/major accidents.

It is made from high-quality 45# precision steel for good performance and high precision. It is easy to use and spontaneously peel off the insulting coat of wires before twisting them. The simple operation allows you to turn the wire rapidly and handsomely.

You may not have an excellent twisting effect the first time you use the twister. You can practice using some old wires before working on new cables. If you start working on new wires without practice, it is evident that you may ruin your wires. It’s easily capable of stripping and twisting even heavy wire (up to 12g) and seems limited only by the power of your arm or drill.


-The cutting head is angled better for cutting the shielding.
-The stripping is quite good, and the twist is pretty clean.
-It is solid and durable, made of decent quality material.


-The polish and finish are not as good as expected; there are machining burrs over it from the manufacturing process. (Although it doesn’t affect its performance)

  • Creates excellent twists but sometimes shreds wire at the stripping section.
    -Instructions are difficult to understand. Users need to watch videos for proper understanding.

3 and 5 Way wire twister

Making connections while twisting and stripper multiple wires is not an easy task. Many different kinds of tools are available to serve the purpose. Litthing store introduced a wire twisting tool expander suitable for all twisting tools.

It provides a better twisting effect, and it also helps to increase productivity in a limited time. Striping and twisting wires without tools result in sore fingers and cramps in your hands, but you can save your hands from soreness and cramping by using this tool.

The material used in this tool is high-quality stainless steel. High-temperature quenching results in a higher level of hardness, wear resistance, strong heat resistance, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust. It is pretty durable and long-lasting.

It is a perfect twisting tool for use with power drill drivers and wire terminals power tool accessories. It can twist and strip wire simultaneously. The best part is spontaneous peeling off the insulating coat of wires before turning them which requires the minor steps to get things done.


  • It is durable and long-lasting,
  • High-quality stainless steel.
  • It is anti-rust, anti-corrosion.
  • The tool winds the wires perfectly and tightly.
  • Cons
  • Instructions are not in English, which made it difficult to understand the proper and appropriate operation.
  • Sometimes, it wraps the wires around each other and leaves the insulation on.

Portable Wire twister for Power Drill Drivers

The most critical factor in selecting the perfect tool for electricity work is its material and precision. Any wire stripping and twisting tool should be made of durable hard material, which can’t be easily broken, and it gives good performance under harsh conditions it should be rough and challenging for any sort of task.

Intelligence has brought a perfect wire twisting and stripping hard alloy tool with all the above qualities. It is a portable, quick connector twist wire tool for power drill drivers; it works perfectly with power tool accessories, simultaneously continuously stripping and twisting wire cables without waiting.

It gives 100% collision-free performance. It is manual and electric, works with electric drills, and twists and wraps the wire simultaneously. It can help to increase productivity, prevent hurting fingers and relieve fatigue.

The operation of this tool is very simple as it is a combination of an insulating tape peeler and wire twisting tool, and it spontaneously peels off the insulting coat of wires before twisting them. It is suitable for all twisting devices for the perfect twisted effect.

To ensure safety, you must turn off breakers before working on electrical systems and carry out the whole operation under the guidance of a professional. You need to practice according to the instructions before starting a real-time job.


  • You can use the wire twister to improve your work efficiency.
  • It is a manual and electric type.
  • Suitable for Power Drill Drivers.

-You need professional assistance to use this tool; otherwise, you will not be able to strip insulated wires in multiple attempts.

Wire twister tool for aircraft auto industry

People working in aircraft maintenance, aircraft component mechanics, Airframes, Power Plant, or the auto industry always need a handy, small in size, tapered nose tool that fits in tight areas nicely and provides precise quality work.

The main objective is to give perfect resolutions in a limited time. Honoson presents an aircraft safety wire twister, suitable for screw maintenance and can prevent the screw from loosening and falling off. Moreover, it is compatible with 0.3-0.7 mm steel wire.

These wire twist pliers help you to grab, twist and cut metal wires more easily and quickly. It works just by holding the wire and pulling the handle. These pliers can twist multiple wires simultaneously, saving you time and energy.

Its metal lock twister is forged from high carbon steel and heat-treated, making it more durable and reliable. It is not easy to break due to external impact and can serve you for a long time.

These safety wire twisting pliers can be applied as a wire cutter, strand cutter, or pliers. Adopting a 3-in-1 design is an essential tool to provide the convenience of work in aircraft, automobile, industry, and other industries.


  • The very solid and high-quality tool gives higher precision, tighter grip, and is user friendly.
    It- Well made, sturdy, and creates a lovely braid.
  • Reversibility works flawlessly. The small size is perfect for tight areas.
    It- Nice professional quality at a Great price.

The spring-loaded spindle is a bit tricky. If you don’t hold the pliers and release, your braid unwinds.


My review team and I evaluated all of these wire twisting tools and went through tons of user reviews on Amazon. I hope you will get these products the best value for your money. Do comment below if you like or dislike any of the mentioned products.

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